Flight School

Part 1: Normal Procedures of the C172SP (Cessna Skyhawk)

Ep 01: Preflight

The first episode! Let's get started with the normal procedures: all the steps we need to know in order to fly the C172. We start with the first step: the preflight. In the preflight we check the plane for damage and other issues, and we do some tests to make sure the plane is working as we want it to.

Ep 02: Engine start

In the second episode we learn three procedures we might need to use when we want to start the engine. We lear about priming, the oil system, the fuel system, throttle and mixture and what magnetos are.

Ep 03: After start and Taxi

Now that we have started the engine, we probably need to wait for the oil temperature to go up before we can taxi. We use this time to setup and check all of our flight instruments and avionics. Then when the oil temperature is OK we can taxi to the runway.

Ep 04: Before takeoff

Before we take off there are a few more checks we need to complete. First we perform an engine runup: testing the engine components at high RPM. Then we do a before takeoff checklist and a departure briefing.